Metropolitan Women Police – Limited Edition 2019 Prints

A Limited edition of 2019 prints by Mick Ewins A.S.A.I. artist of the Blue Lamp Prints. Comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and a legend telling history of progress.

This item is not available for purchase online. To order your copy please email

Cost of print is £40 each plus £5 PAP – UK only (total £45).
(50mm X 38mm)
All proceeds go to The Metropolitan Women Police Association.

The Metropolitan Women Police Association was formed in 1976 by a group of women officers after integration was introduced in March 1973 and the specialist women police department was disbanded.

The Association was originally formed to provide a means of helping each other to meet and keep in touch with one another. We are purely a social Association. All serving or former women police, including those who later transferred to other forces or served in the Special Constabulary, are eligible to join at any time. Our age range is from 90s to 20s.